Kimberly Scola has been dancing and DJing in her hometown of Cleveland for several years. She has traveled as nearby as Pittsburgh and as far away as Buenos Aires to dance and DJ. She has studied with many international instructors from all over the US and Argentina. Kim has taken classes as a leader, a follower, and an instructor, and she continues to study on a regular basis. She received her instructional training at the Cleveland Tango School.
Some of the visiting instructors that she has studied with include Richard Council, Hernán Prieto and Daniela Roig, Oscar Casas, Homer and Christina Ladas, Anna León, Veronika Kruta, Gabriel El Huracán, and María Inez Bogado, among others. However, much of what she has learned has come from the Cleveland instructors that have been growing and supporting the community for years.
Being a professional Spanish teacher, Kim has extensive experience with explaining concepts and staying at the pace of her students. Her classes are usually laid back and fun, but also efficient with a focus on technique more than teaching steps in a choreographed sequence.