Kathy Weiss Seigel

Having been a ballet dancer as a girl, I found myself playing with a lot of different things over the years….taught some ballet and modern and popular dance as a young woman. Then found myself taking a break for some years as a competitive tennis player, where I found the high impact on my body was getting to be hard to live with, so I began dancing again. I was dancing a lot of salsa when a friend dragged me to some tango lessons because she didn’t want to learn alone. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was hopelessly hooked. As my parents journeyed through some serious health issues, tango became my escape. A longtime dancer, this filled a hole in my life like nothing had in a very long time. I found myself playing with lots of different things over the years, but Tango has a broader vocabulary and less rules about how to use it than many of the other things I have danced, and I find it endlessly challenging. Further learning to both lead and follow is helping me to enjoy it more fully. And did I mention it is just plain FUN?
I have had the good fortune to meet and study with lots of world class dancers which inspired me endlessly, and have found that I now have friends all over the world. If I can share a piece of that joy with others, this tango life and community I have come to love and appreciate will only grow and strengthen. I hope to be as contagious as I can.