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Founder & CEO

Just Greg

On Sunday September 12, 1999 at 8:30 PM I stepped off of a sightseeing cruise at the South Street Pier in New York City. As I departed the boat, I could hear this strangely beautiful music drifting over the harbor. The music drew me down around the corner to the dock area. Then I saw it and my life began to change. There were about 25 couples dancing under the stars on this warm September evening. They were dancing on the wooden pier, they were dancing a dance I had never seen before. They were dancing intertwined with strange kicks and turns. My heart rate increased as I stepped into this magical scene. I asked and of course the answer was Argentine Tango.
As soon as I returned home I searched the internet for places to learn this dance, places to dance this dance. Within a few months I was out five nights a week studying, watching, learning. My wardrobe turned black, my CD collection changed dramatically. As my cat rubbed across my legs in his front ochos, he received sacadas and drags. I happily became a Tango Junkie.
Since then I have had the opportunity to study and dance in Erie, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Las Vegas, six cities in Florida, London, Paris, and of course Buenos Aires.
I have had lessons, workshops and/or privates with Angel Clemente, Daniel Lapadula, Gustavo, Claudio and Mariana , Susana Miller, Cacho Dante, Milena Plebs & Ezequiel Farfaro, Omar & Monica Los Ocampo, Marcos Questas, Christy Cote, Maria Nieves, Nito & Elba, El Pulpo, Natalia Hills & Francisco Forquera, Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn, Graciela Gonzalez & Pulpo Castello, El Pibe, Brigitta Winkler, Robin Thomas & Jennifer Bratt, Alex Krebs, Carolina Zokalski & Diego Di Falco, Juan Carlos Copes, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo, Fabian Salas & Carolina del Rivero, Fucundo & Kely Posada, Miguel Zotto, Colette Hebert & Richard Council, Tate, Hugo Daniel,and many other teachers and performers.
With this web site I will try to provide information on the Northern Ohio Tango community. If you have any announcements, pictures, or information you would like to share, please email me. Enjoy the web site and happy Tangoing.




Vice President




Just Donna

Being raised in a family where live music was constantly played, Donna's appreciation of music started at an early age. She started playing piano at age 7 and listened and observed her father playing string bass in a well-known Cleveland jazz band. When she first heard tango music, she immediately fell in love, not only with the music but also with the dance.
Joining forces with Greg in 2006, Donna now shares the teaching and performing responsiblities at Neotango.net. With her extensive tango library
and music sensibilities, she has become the most sought after DJ in Northeast Ohio, playing the music for almost every major tango event in the area. Her music library of over 7,000 recordings is always growing.
Attending as many workshops, classes and private lessons as she could, she furthered her knowledge of the dance. Taking advantage of the wealth of excellent instructors traveling on the Tango circuit, she has been able to achieve a high level in her dance and a knack for explaining technique to her students. Some of her teachers have been: Oscar Casas, Daniel Trenner, Daniela Arcuri, Hector Villar, Robert Hauk, Christopher & Caroline, Colette Hebert & Richard Council, El Pulpo, Cecilia Gonzalez, Alicia Pons, Susana Miller, Luis Bianchi & Daniela Pucci, Korey Ireland & Mila Vigdorova, Damian Lobato & Jennifer Olson, Andreas Amarilla & Meredith Klein, Homer & Christina Ladas, German Salvatierra, Oliver Kolker & Silvina Vals, Nick Jones, Tara Fortier, Louisa Paes, Mazen Kiwan, Melina Sedo & Detlef Engel, Jennifer Bratt & Ney Melo, Jaimes Friedgen, Ronen Khayat, Claudio Fortes & Diana Sanchez, Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo.


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